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Wellness Centre

La foret Muyenga Resort Gardens’ health and Fitness Services has been in service by leading health and fitness professionals. More than two years of planning, preparation and development has ensured that we are industry leaders with our products, services and trainers. We pride ourselves on being able to help anyone reach their health and fitness goals and offer a wide range of services to suit all budgets, fitness levels, lifestyles and personalities.

Everything we do for you at La foret Health and Fitness Services is personalized to suit your individual goals and customized to cater to your strengths, weaknesses, techniques, likes, dislikes, injuries and motivation levels.
Our team is specialized in weight loss, toning, improving fitness levels, flexibility, injury prevention, core strength, improving posture and having fun. We also have qualified trainers in injury rehabilitation, pre and post natal, boxing and sport specific training.

Our team of trainers undertake an in depth development and mentoring program run by the Inspire management team to ensure they are industry leaders in their service, support, guidance and knowledge. They also continually update their personal training, nutritional education, and lifestyle development skills throughout their time with Inspire to ensure they continue to lead the way in the health and fitness industry.